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Sindhudurg Fort

Sindhudurg Fort - Malvan

Sindhudurg Fort (Sea fort) is an extremely popular historical heritage in Malvan, district Sindhudurg. This spectacular sea-fort was given life by the Maratha King, Chatrapati Shivaji, the famous one who has been a popular name in the Maharashtra state, ever since. This fort is located on Kurte Island which is nearly half a km away from the Sindhudurg District’s Malvan Jetty. You can reach the fort with ease from jetty traveling by small wooden boats. These boats have attached outboard engine. Two to three person assists you at the time boarding as well as departing from boat. Life jackets are compulsory provided to each and every passenger.

During the Indian festivals, like Shivaji Jayanti, Ganesh Chaturthi, Mahashivratri, Ram Navami etc, the fort is visited by countless travelers and local people. The magnificent Sindhudurg Fort was built over a time span of three years and interestingly, more than a 100 architects came in from Portugal to give the fort, its amazing structure and a marvelous architecture. The fort was built and gained importance under the famous ruler of Maharashtra, Shivaji – the great Warrior.

You would be amazed to know some intriguing facts about Sindhudurg Fort, like: 70,000 kg of iron was used in the fort’s construction The Fort is very sturdy and strong as molten iron was used in order to build the structure 52 bastions guard the walls of the fort.

This fort is incessantly one of the major attractions in Malvan. There are many underwater sports activities like scuba diving that are conducted for the tourists at the Fort; while people from all across the globe visit here to see a one of its kind coconut tree that has branches with fruits on them.


Malvan Beach

5 min

This is an active beach in Malvan. Now it’s time to get into some action, right here at the Malvan Beach. This is not a place to just sit and laze around, instead the exciting and thrilling water sports and underwater activities like scuba diving and snorkeling in Malvan would charm you to just head straight to date the marine life, so close and so breathtaking. The beach is supposed to be turned into a Marine park, and the talks are on. As of now you can simply enjoy the mesmerizing underwater beauty at the Malvan beach, located in the heart of the city.

Chivla Beach

A clean and safe beach for swimmers - 8 min

Sparkling and clean sand along with the gushing waves bordering the beach is truly an enchanting sight to witness. Chivala beach is located near in Malvan city. If you are a nature lover, simply head to this beautiful and gorgeous locale in Malvan to absorb the stunning prowess offered at large out here. You could spend lovely evenings’ right besides your loved ones, exploring through the beautiful charisma of Chivala Beach.



Jay Ganesh Temple

10 min

The Jay Ganesh Temple is one of the most prominent and popular tourist’s attractions in Malvan city. This temple was constructed by Mr. Jayant Salgaonkar, a native from the city. He built this awesome and stunning temple, giving it a marvelous and intricate pattern of work, essentially all over the temple. You will see a creative blend everywhere around the temple. A Ganesh idol placed here is made of gold which simply looks striking and inviting.

Rock Garden

12 min

The local government of Malvan- Malvan Nagar parishad crafted this beautiful garden on sea rocks at western end of Malvan city. You can plan to visit this impressive Rock garden, situated at sea side. It is very well maintained, coordinated and beautifully synced with nature. The decoration of the garden is simply attractive. The rocks are huge and look beautiful with the splashing waves of the sea water. Spend some amazing time amidst lush green plants trees and flowers all around you. An ideal place to get some candid shots that would add to your memories forever. The best time to visit this garden is after 5 o’clock in the evening.



Tarkarli beach, Malvan

A great tourist attraction in Malvan - 10 min

Tarkarli beach is striking and promising tourist attraction in Malvan. Many tourists reach here to take an interesting and enchanting experience of lifetime. The beach is built on a long stretch enclosed by a lush green coco and palm trees all around. A beautiful sea is adding to its perfection. The Karli River overlooks the beach from the other end, and this sight is actually worth its title, “Queen Beach” in Malvan. Travelers explore the beach and its beauty, even closer while experiencing the thrills of the speed boat ride, banana bump rides and exploring the fisherman community, enjoying the dolphin spotting, snorkeling, scuba diving, Para-sailing, paragliding camel riding, horse riding and much more!

Just on 3 km from Tarkarli, there is a confluence of Arabian sea and Karli river. That scenic place is known as “Devbag Sangam“. In December month, many bird lovers comes to catch Sea-eagles in their cameras. An island having name “Tsunami island” is made up of white sand attract tourists for water sports activities. Waters sports at Tsunami island are famous for thrilling experience.