Hotels in Malvan

Hotels in Malvan

Malvan and Tarkarli is the shining beaches in Maharashtra, the western coast of India. the Rivera of Maharashtra, the Honeymoon capital of Maharashtra, the Party Zone of Maharashtra. Malvan is all of the above and much more. Tarkarli-Malvan is a small paradise and attracts tourist from all over India and small amount of travellers from out of India too. To satisfy the demand for hotels in Malvan or Tarkarli, locals and hotel chains have all gone to work and come up with a grand total of almost 400 Malvan hotels, resorts in tarkarli,  home stays  and beach cottages in Malvan.

People take Flights to Goa and then hire taxi, choose option of trains to nearest staions Kudal(28 Km) and Kankvali(60Km), people take a direct Bus to Malvan and some people even travel by their own car.  during the season in Malvan more than 5 lacs tourists arrive to enjoy the silver sands, clean water, tasty food and warm hospitality of the local Malvani people.

Budget hotels in Malvan

In Malvan, Budget hotels are available in plenty, These  Hotels offer budget accommodation in Malvan and are great value for money for tourist who visits Tarkarli-Malvan on a shoestring budget. Hotel Malvan beach  is one the best hotel in Malvan near Tarkarli. For more details click here hotel malvan beach.

Hotels in Tarkarli