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scuba diving tarkarli

scuba diving tarkarli

What is S.C.U.B.A. Diving?
Exploring under water marine & other aquatic life, corals and rock using a Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus is called Scuba Diving!!
Where can I do Scuba Diving in Maharashta?
The only place in Maharashtra where you can do Scuba Diving in Maharashtra is in Tarkarli. The primary site identified for Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in Tarkarli is near Sindhudurg fort in Malvan.
Do i need to know swimming to do Scuba diving in Tarkarli?
We have made Scuba Diving in Tarkarli possible even for those who Do NOT know swimming! Trained guides accompany you through out the time you are underwater and guide you through the various points.
What equipment would be required for Scuba Diving in Tarkarli?
All equipments will be provided to you at the site including wet suites. Wash rooms and changing rooms are also available for your convenience.
The best season to do scuba diving is October to February.
Hotels in Malvan

Hotels in Malvan

Here we have explored near about 200 hotels in Malvan-Tarkarli.  Malvan and Tarkarli is the shining beaches in Maharashtra, the western coast of India. the Rivera of Maharashtra, the Honeymoon capital of Maharashtra, the Party Zone of Maharashtra. Malvan is all of the above and much more. Tarkarli-Malvan is a small paradise and attracts tourist from all over India and small amount of travellers from out of India too. To satisfy the demand for hotels in Malvan or Hotels in Tarkarli, locals and hotel chains have all gone to work and come up with a grand total of almost 400 Malvan hotels, resorts in tarkarli,  home stays  and beach cottages in Malvan.

People take Flights to Goa and then hire taxi, choose option of trains to nearest staions Kudal(28 Km) and Kankvali(60Km), people take a direct Bus to Malvan and some people even travel by their own car.  during the season in Malvan more than 5 lacs tourists arrive to enjoy the silver sands, clean water, tasty food and warm hospitality of the local Malvani people.

Budget hotels in Malvan

In Malvan, Budget hotels are available in plenty, These  Hotels offer budget accommodation in Malvan and are great value for money for tourist who visits Tarkarli-Malvan on a shoestring budget. Hotel Malvan beach  is one the best hotel in Malvan near Tarkarli. For more details click here hotel malvan beach.


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hotels in tarkarli

hotels in tarkarli

Tarkarli Tourism is one stop destination for Holidays in Konkan. Hotels in Tarkarli offers wide range of Holiday Packages, tours to nearest destinations and load of information on sight seeing in Tarkarli. You can get thrilling experience of adventure sports like Scuba diving in tarkarli and Scuba diving in Malvan, water sports in Devbag near tarkarli beach.  Choose any accommodation from cheap hotels, budget hotels to luxury hotels for business or pleasure in Tarkarli.

The locals in Malvan, Tarkarli and Devbag renovated their living places and converted it in to “Niwas Nyahari“(Bed & breakfast).  This project is implemented by MTDC in Tarkarli. It generate  small income source for the people staying at beach side.  Now more than 300 home stays in Tarkarli and Malvan are providing satisfactory services to travelers.

Hotel Malvan beach is located at Dandi beach which is adjacent beach to Tarkarli. The location has prime importance as one could see Sindhudurg fort just sitting outside in corridor. The host of this bed and breakfast, Mr. Meghanad Dhuri gives personnel attention on tourist services. His family serves delicious Malvani food especially sea food in his hotel.

Deluxe hotels have exceptional accommodations and at prime location in Tarkarli and Malvan beach designed for hassle-free experiences.

The best season to visit Tarkarli beach in Malvan is October to May. If one want to see dolphins and experience scuba diving in clean water with variety of fish species, who one want to taste Malvan sea food  then we’ll suggest to visit in November to February. The temperature in Malvan is ranging between 29 degrees to 36 degrees.

Nearest stations to reach in tarkarli are Kudal(34 Km), Sindhudurg(36Km) and Kankavali (56 Km) on the route of Konkan railway.